The People’s Republic of Portland

While at TaborSpace the other day, I met Jen Forti, the mind behind the People’s Republic of Portland. In true Portland “1 degree of separation” style, she’d been referred to me by one of my clients, Marilyn Taylor, who is doing some copy-writing for Jen. It wasn’t just a “here’s his email” thing, either. Marilyn forwarded Karen’s write-up from the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op‘s site (which I maintain and host).

The people’s republic of portland (PROP) is a small, locally-owned and operated clothing company. More than a fashion statement, the company focuses on social awareness and political activism in a regional context. Jen is another of that wonderful breed of Portlander that likes to bring people together in community.

Jen was kind enough to provide me with a sample of her product. Here’s a shot of me, in my first stint as a T-shirt model:

That's me, blogging in the People's Republic.

That's me, blogging in the People's Republic.

Seems to me, Jen’s doing good stuff. Every sale provides tangible benefits to worthwhile causes, and the T-shirts are comfy too.