From Katharine Cahn in NW Portland:

Disaster Averted!
Thank you so much for the jumpstart on my computer. When I saw the letters “ASAP” Sunday evening, I knew I’d be OK, and I was.

Katharine Cahn

From Ken Leghorn. in SE Portland:

I called a few numbers from the yellow pages one evening to help me with some small issues with my home laptop that had been bugging me for a while, and Scott was the first to call back and also the best price. The next day he showed up at my apartment, fixed everything and taught me a few useful tricks, all in one hour (actually it was 90 minutes but he only charged for
an hour because one of my questions stumped him for a half hour and he wouldn’t charge me while he figured it out). It is pretty refreshing to find this kind of service and competence. Plus he is a really nice guy. You can call him for any mac or pc need and won’t be disappointed.

— Ken

From K.S. in N Portland:

Thanks again for coming to my home on Sunday for computer repair. No problems so far, and the start-up is much faster.
Thanks again for your help.


From R.P. in NE Portland:

I am so grateful: you were patient, non-condescending, fun, interesting, clear, knowledgeable, competent, super-likable, professional yet personable. If you’re looking for perfect, seems that you fit the bill.
Which is my segue to wanting to further express my gratitude:
May I have an address where I can snail-mail a tip?

Thanks again, Scott,


From P.S. in NE Portland:

Hi Scott!

I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation appointment with
you on Saturday.

Your patience with my beginner’s status was wonderful.

Also, I very much appreciated:

  • your friendly, considerate, professional manner of conducting business,
  • your customer-focused approach and good listening skills,
  • your respect for my concerns about privacy/security issues,
  • your help with prioritizing our agenda, so as to maximize efficient use of the time,
  • your ability to explain things in simple, practical terms without using a lot of jargon,
  • and your total lack of condescension!

I will definitely be calling on you again as I
navigate this new world of Mac computing.

Thank you so much,

From a downtown non-profit:

Thanks Scott,

This is a very reasonable bill, we really appreciate you taking such good care of us.


Contact us at (503) 255-2419, or via email at