Switches and buttons

At today’s open office-hours, I had two quick questions that served as great reminders that this stuff just isn’t intuitive. First: A laptop that couldn’t see any wireless network, though TaborSpace’s wireless was indeed up and running. Turns out, that Windows for some reason doesn’t bother to tell you that the wireless hardware is disconnected. […]

12 Scams of Christmas

McAfee has released its list of “The Twelve Scams of Christmas” – the most popular methods to scam unsuspecting folks out of cash or identity information. I’ve added a few comments (in italics) Scam I: Charity Phishing Scams – Be Careful Who You Give To During the holiday season, hackers take advantage of citizens’ generosity […]

Windows 7

Windows 7 is now available. 7 promises to be that which Vista should have been, with a smaller footprint. I’m seeing reports that it runs fine on notebooks – those wee little 10″ / 3 pound laptop jobbies. I spoke to a techie this morning who said it ran fine on his relatively ancient 1.6Ghz […]


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