From entertainment to health information, your computer can be an enjoyable and powerful gateway to the world. Unfortunately, it can also be frustrating at times.

I completely understand and will patiently work with you to get the most out of your computer.

I Can Help You:

• Stay safe on the internet
• Easily use your system
• Keep your system clean
• Send pictures to family
• Organize and edit your photos
• Any how-to question you may have

Our Services:

Network and Internet

• Setup new internet service and email
• Setup a new computer
• Setup a new printer and accessories
• Go wireless – unplug your laptop
• Transfer data to your new machine
• Share your internet connection

Repair, Maintenance, and Upgrades

• Make your computer faster
and more efficient.
• Update Windows, utilities and
other computer software
• Spyware and virus removal
• Clean out dust and grime