Post-it Notes without glue

Do you have a small forest of sticky notes stuck to your screen or keyboard? Are they overflowing onto the desk, the computer, and the cat who is really just trying to nap on your keyboard?

You can use your computer to save your sticky notes for you.

On the Mac, look for Stickies in the Applications Folder, or type Stickies into the Spotlight search bar (the magnifying glass on the upper right corner of the menu bar at the top of the screen). On Windows 7, look for Sticky Notes in the Start menu (pinned to the left column), or type Sticky into the search box in the Start menu.

On the Mac, you can adjust fonts, colors, text-size and so forth via the menubar at the top of the screen. On Windows, Sticky Notes has no menus, so you’ll need to use keyboard shortcuts to adjust these. Select or highlight text in a sticky note, and use one of the following keyboard shortcuts:
Note: You will need to first Select the Text in your sticky note to use the Hotkeys Listed below:
Ctrl + b Makes text bold
Ctrl + i Makes text italic
Ctrl + u Makes text underlined
Ctrl + t Make strikethrough text
Ctrl + shift + > Makes text larger
Ctrl + shift + < Makes text smaller
Ctrl + shift + L To create lists or bullets, hit this key combination repeatedly to change between list types.