new iPad on the way

The new iPad announced last week looks great. So much so that I’ve now ordered three.

One for Mom down south, one for me. And just because I know I’ll never get to use my own iPad if it’s the only one in the house, one household iPad.

I’ve set up many iPads (iPad 1 or iPad 2) for clients until now, but its about time I get one too. It will be interesting to see how much day to day work I can offload onto the iPad.

I’m eagerly looking forward to getting these going. I plan to set mine up as a huge GPS navigation screen, a mobile POS, mobile offload for my camera (Nikon D5100), documentation repository, and time-logger for on-site work. ┬áThat’s just the beginning.

The household one will get its own email and calendar for household use, a few games, and various recipe and shopping list apps. It will likely live in the kitchen. I haven’t decided where to mount it, though.

Mom’s iPad will be used for text-to-speech and general browsing/email. I’m counting on the ‘Universal Access” features to help counteract vision loss. The zoom features, test to speech, and dictation should come in handy.

Stay tuned for new iPad unboxing photos

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