New Facebook Trojan affects Macs too

I’ve not seen this myself, but I am seeing multiple reports of it (each quoting the other. So far, I don’t see independent confirmation) , so here’s the summary –
A new risk surfaced yesterday. It’ a Trojan, meaning it appears to be something other than what it is. I do not yet know what it specifically does, but it is said to affect system files on Windows AND Mac machines.

It appears as a Facebook message or an apparently-from-Facebook email, asking “Is this you in the video?” .As usual, such items are usually either attempts at spreading malware, or attempts to ‘phish’ for ID information.

What is unusual is that this is said to be cross-platform, affecting both Macs and PCs.

As usual, watch what you click on. This is one of those common-sense propositions – if you get one of these, delete it. 99 percent of us aren’t likely to be randomly showing up in someone else’s video anyway, so again, no reason to click on the link.

Edit –
CNET has posted an article as well. Ther article points out that as with other Mac Trojans, even if you click on the link, you still have to provide your admin password to install the Trojan. If you don’t do that (hit cancel instead) you’re not infected.