My Backup isn’t!

I just heard from someone who has been having trouble with the “free” backup software that came bundled with her cute little backup drive. As it turns out, it would not actually back up files it considers hidden. Because she’s a web developer, this includes pretty much all of the little files that actually make a web site work behind the scenes.

This brings up a question – what software should I recommend for backing up a PC? I use Time Machine on my Mac, and have the option of using Carbon Copy Cloner or Tri-Backup, but those won’t work for her Windows machine.

For Windows machines, if the bundled backup-lite software doesn’t do the trick, there are a few other options. Retrospect Express is shipped with some backup drives, and is available for purchase as well. Probably the best-regarded amongst those who backup and restore often is Acronis True Image. It will backup an entire drive, including hidden and system files, and does incremental and differential backups too.

Download a Free Trial of Acronis True Image 2009

EMC Retrospect Express HD


Even if you don’t have an extra hard drive to plug in, you can always backup a few important files to a thumb drive like this one –