iPad unboxed

Just got the new iPad in. This one is iPad (3rd Generation) WiFi 64GB Verizon LTE. How’s that for a tongue-twister?


Obviously, Felix approves. He’s waiting for the Painting Game For Cats, I think.

Setup on the new iPad is a breeze. Pick your country, language, and connect to a wireless network. Add email accounts if you have them. You can add your iCloud account or create a free one. If you’ll be downloading apps from Apple’s App Store, you’ll need payment info.

In my case, I’ve already purchased apps on my phone and in iTunes, so I just had to download the ones I wanted to play with. I’m currently using the WordPress app to write this.

Thoughts on new features

The new Retina screen looks great. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to compare side by side with the iPad and iPad 2 screens tomorrow.

Voice dictation sounds promising, but so far I’m not impressed. It looks like it doesn’t process speech until you press the mic button again. There is no ongoing feedback, so it feels very clunky. I’d much rather have a continuous stream of text appearing. It’s annoying. To pause and drop out of my stream of thought.

Now is time for all good men to come to the aid of their killer.

Him that’s not what I said.



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