Here are a few of the places I tend to shop. Note that I always try to avoid rebate deals – there are too many chances for these to go wrong.

Online vendors

If I need a hard drive, router, or any number of other bits and pieces, even a new laptop, I usually head to Newegg first. Many of their items include free shipping, and they often have specials that save a few bucks.

Amazon sometimes has some great deals. The Glyph series of external hard drives has had some rave reviews, and comes highly recommended by users and consultants alike.



For Apple Macintosh computers, I usually buy directly from Apple online, or I’ll sometimes order from
MacMall often has great deals. My current laptop was abut $40 less than the same from Apple.

I absolutely loveB&H Photo and Electronics B&H Photo and Electronics for photo equipment. They’re an authorized Apple reseller as well. These guys are based in NYC. If you ever get a chance to visit their store, I highly recommend it.

Buy.com does pretty well too.

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