Even teh IRS is after me! Oh Noze! (Phishing, part 3)

So far this week, we’ve had fake emails from Apple, the FBI, and the IRS. My poor delete key is burning up.

Once again, folks, these are all fake. The IRS will always send ominous letters via the US Postal Service. These folks are depending on their victims to forget the tiny little fact that neither the IRS 1040 form nor any of its brethren have a space for your email address.

This is a letter you can safely ignore without fear of being charged with tax evasion.

Tired of receiving these? Chances are you can setup filters in your Mail program to delete them or at least mark them as junk mail. Stay tuned for details.


?IRS Tax Return <taxrefund@irs.gov> September 4, 2013 11:40 AM To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Reply-To: <taxrefund@irs.gov>
Late 2013 Tax Return Processing!
1 Attachment, 167 KB
dear Customer
Please review the report on your late 2013 tax refund and get back to us with the details for the processing. Thanks
Internal Revenue Service
915 Second Avenue, MS W180 Seattle, WA 98174-0041 (206) 220-6011
report.pdf.zip (167 KB)

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