DC Power Jack Repairs

I am quite pleased to announce that we now have the ability to repair loose DC power jacks for most laptops (sadly, this does not include Apple laptops at this time). Pricing is reasonable, and turnaround is generally 3-5 days.

While it is a rather involved repair, requiring disassembly, desoldering and resoldering without toasting the mother board, and then reassembly, pricing will be significantly lower than either replacing the motherboard (usually the manufacturer-recommended repair strategy) or purchasing a new laptop.

Here are some of the signs that your laptop may have a loose DC jack.

• Laptop receives no power when plugged in.
• Laptop only runs on battery power.
• Battery will not charge, or charges inconsistently.
• Laptop intermittently switches from AC power to battery.
• Laptop suddenly shuts off.
• DC Jack feels loose.
• Sparks come out of the back of the laptop.
• DC power cord must be held at certain angle for operation.