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I blog with BE Write

This is a test post with the new iPad.  I’m testing “Blog Docs HTML editor”. This app claims to edit HTML pages, with images and various other functions.  It allows posting to Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr blogs.

Since I’m testing a blog editor it makes sense to try adding a photo. However I have no good photos on my iPad I’ll have to add one. 

Here kitty kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty kitty…
Phantom did not seem terribly thrilled with the idea of posing as a model for this blog post. Perhaps next time with a bit of edible encouragement, he will be more enthusiastic.

So far, this seems to be going rather well come up with some exceptions. Cropping Phantom’s photo was somewhat difficult; I did not find the controls very intuitive.

Blog docs HTML editor has the usual range of text formatting controls. You can bold-space, italicize, and change font size and color.


I blog with BE Write

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