ID Theft? 3 Clicks and a Coffee away from your Facebook account

More Identity Theft? There is a new, easy way to access other people’s accounts going around. This came out in late October, and users of some websites are still at risk – including Facebook. Here is the email I received this morning: There is a new tool that allows anyone to easily hack into your […]

New Facebook Trojan affects Macs too I’ve not seen this myself, but I am seeing multiple reports of it (each quoting the other. So far, I don’t see independent confirmation) , so here’s the summary – A new risk surfaced yesterday. It’ a Trojan, meaning it appears to be something other than what it is. I do not yet […]

New Macbook Air – First impressions

Apple demo’ed the new MacBook Air at its press event today, along with iLife 11 and a preview of Mac OS X 10.7, “Lion”. The nwe MBA is still a wedge shape, 13.3″ screen, but the sole storage option is now flash. No more hard drives. Flash storage and memory chips are mounted directly on […]

The People’s Republic of Portland

While at TaborSpace the other day, I met Jen Forti, the mind behind the People’s Republic of Portland. In true Portland “1 degree of separation” style, she’d been referred to me by one of my clients, Marilyn Taylor, who is doing some copy-writing for Jen. It wasn’t just a “here’s his email” thing, either. Marilyn […]

iPad – first impressions

The iPad is finally here. Specs are pretty good. Press event still going on, but here are my impressions as the event unfolds: It’s a tablet, runs iPhone OS, not Mac OS. Battery life purports to be 10 hr, watching videos, with 1 month standby. It even looks like a giant iPhone, with a 10 […]

Quick! Calculator at your fingertips

Quick tip – I often find myself needing to make a quick calculation, but not wanting to whip out a calculator, or dig through menus or folders until I find my built-in calculator (in /Applications on a Mac, in Start->Programs->Accessories on a PC). Since I almost always have a web page open, I’ve resorted to […]