Annual Service Package

We offer an annual service package to allow budgeting for your computer support needs. This is the basic plan. We can also customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

Annual Service Packages

This package offers 5 hours of on-site service, 10 phone calls, and virtually unlimited email-based help at a substantial discount to normal pricing ($500 vs $600, and that’s not even counting what email support might be billed at).

Service packages are also available as gift certificates. Packages purchased as a gift prior to 12/25/2009 will be priced at an additional $25 off.

How does a service package work?
An annual fee ($500.00) includes coverage for:

  • (a) A total of 5 hours non-emergency on-site consultation
    Onsite consultation is available during normal business hours (M-F, 9-6). Advance notice is necessary – appointments are usually available within 1-3 business days. Service package onsite visits are subject to a 45-minute minimum time commitment (non-service package customer visits are subject to a 1 hour minimum).
  • (b) A total of 10 phone consultations
    Phone consultations are available during normal business hours, and as time permits after hours and on weekends. A “phone consultation” generally consists of a single call of up to 20 minutes. Service package phone consults are not available between 9pm and 8am.
  • (c) Unlimited,* non-emergency computer advice/help via email
    Email questions will generally be acknowledged within 24 hours, and answered within 5 business days. * If customer exceeds reasonable use of the email advice service, limits will be imposed.
  • (d) Standard fees will apply to any consultation not included in the above package.
    More than 5 hours of on-site consultation will be charged at a rate of $80/hr.
    More than 10 phone calls will be charged in 20 minute blocks: $20/for the first 20 minutes and $10/for subsequent 20 minute blocks within the same call.