Fast, friendly computer help in your home or office.

Is your computer running slower than usual, acting strange, or just giving you fits? Whether your computer is a Mac or a PC, running Windows XP, Vista, or who-knows-what, we can fix it.
We’ll clean it up, get rid of any pesky Windows viruses or spyware, and even remove the extra space-hogging gunk that many new machines are loaded with.
To keep your photos, music, and documents safe, we can help you select a backup drive and make it Pretty Darn Simple to use.

Just Plain English

We don’t expect you to learn a new language to use your computer. That’s our job.

In Person, Face to Face
 When you call us, you talk to us directly. We don’t expect you to navigate an ever-changing telephone call center menu to get help, only to speak to some faceless robot reading from a script. We send an actual honest-to-goodness real human being straight to you.

Fair Pricing
We charge a fair hourly rate. We don’t mark up some services as a profit center. We do, however, use your time wisely. If, for instance, we’re downloading a file that will take 30 minutes, we could just sit around twiddling our thumbs. However, we’d rather spend that time either tackling other issues for you or answering questions you may have.

Computer Setup
Upgrades & data transfer
Usage help
Network setup
Wireless Network setup
ISP Help

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